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    I’m converting from a GL2800 to a QU-32. We have 38 stage lines plus 18 wireless receivers (at FOH) that will be mapped to the various QU-32 controls for various users. Our venue is used by 3 entities; a school and two churches. Each of the 3 entities share a drum kit and piano but otherwise have their own mics and instruments. Each of the Church A, Church B and the School entities has their own stage plot and each hooks up differently. The school has multiple users from low/no skill to master skill. On the GL2800 we physically partitioned the board for the different users but with the loss of channels (age), it’s become increasingly frustrating as users are sharing and clobbering each other.

    Best I can tell, the QU has no concept of separate user IDs, just 3 canned USER PROFILES plus a single SCENE library that can be partitioned into scenes connected to the 3 user types. My thinking on how to implement our requirements on the QU is as follows:
    1) The console is labelled with a superset of generically named mics & instruments (Wireless 1, AG1, AG2, piano, etc
    2) The ADMIN sets up a scene for each entity (School, Church A, etc)
    3) Each SCENE routes that entity’s lines from the stage to the console’s channel for the equipment that’s hooked up
    4) Entities login as the STANDARD USER and select their scene
    5) Low skill users log into the BASIC USER and are confined to the routing and labels on the CUSTOM LAYER

    So STANDARD USERS all share the same password and could technically mistakenly use another entity’s profile but they cannot change the routing. Low skill users share the BASIC USER password and use a standard scene defined by the admin.

    Does this sound right? Would you do it differently? Can Standard users store gain and EQ changes to a scene and potentially clobber other user’s scenes?

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    You could set up the board for each entity and save the whole board setup (a show) to thumb drives for each entity. This way they couldn’t mess up each other’s settings.

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    Yep, that would work. Nothing wrong with storing the shows/snenes on the desk also as long as the admin makes it the entities’ own responsibility to (re)store their show/scenes after they’re done using the desk so there’s always a backup in case some one wreckes a show/scene that’s not theirs.

    To take this even further; if each entity brings their own iPad they won’t loose their work in Qu-Pad either.


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    Is this how Allen & Heath intended to support multiple users or am I missing something? I mean what’s the point in having a password if everyone shares the same one?

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    The Qu series only has basic user access control. SQ on up, has far more advanced user access control, and would allow individual users to have their own accounts.

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @leswilson,

    The QU range of mixers offers the possibility of logging in as ADMIN, Standard user or Basic user. What you are trying to set is a list of multiple Standard users or multiple Basic users with a password for each.
    I’m afraid this is not quite available. Admin, standard or basic users, all three can have different passwords, but the option of having multiple basic users is not available on this range of mixers.
    SQ mixers do have up to 10 users available to set password and assign scenes to.

    You could still setup a Standard user password that only the “Sound supervisor” (So to say) would know. This would be shared among the 3 entities.
    Then, you can create one scene for each entity and have the Basic User set to only have access to them. This will be shared among all basic users from the 3 entities, yes. So they would potentially have access to the other entities scenes as well, however, they still only have access to Mutes and Levels only so they wouldn’t be able to change anything else.

    You could also duplicate each scene and save these scenes apart from the assigned to Basic User as a backup, so that as ADMIN or Standard user only, you can always go back to them for reference.


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    I’ve implemented the scheme with multiple users of the STANDARD userID that you nicely describe @Rafael. Will be trying it out today. Technically, one entity could store over top of another entity’s scene but I can keep weekly backups to restore from I think. Thank you.

    I didn’t think of having multiple BASIC users as a way to prevent the scene clobbering scenario. Problem there is that they can’t update their own. I’ll mull that over.

    I understand it’s complicated and the more expensive desks is where it’s fully implemented. I do want to see how far I can get with what’s implemented in the QU so if I’m missing something, please let me know.

    When you login as a Standard user, does it just load the first scene in the range assigned to Standard Users?

    Does anything get saved when a Standard user shuts down? If not, why not just power off?

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