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    I am researching new sound equipment for our Church. I am leaning towards the SQ-7 mixer.
    we also want to have a live stream mixer. Livestream mixer will be off stage in a sound room. What do I need to get the audio to the Live stream mixer? It would be nice to to have the Livestream mixer mirror the FOH so volunteers can be familiar with the same board. The other question is am I better to use a physical snake verses a cat 5 stage box? Also Can I use a Cheaper QU system for live stream versus another SQ-7. I also want to att 3 ME-1 Mix monitors. So any recommendations would be great. Recap What do I need for FOH Livestream Mixer Both with 48 inputs ..Stage box verses Wired snake..a 3 ME1

    Thanks in advance. I am coming from a Soundcraft Preformer 3 system.

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    Mike C

    If you need 48 channels for a live stream mix and you want to set up a video mix room with a complete independent mixer then you will need another SQ mixer, the QU32 will only do 32 mic inputs. Actually you can squeeze a couple more inputs with a QU, using a stage box and assigning mic inputs to the stereo line inputs.

    You will need a stage box..or two depending on the model you pick to get a full 48 inputs on the SQ7, it only has 24 local inputs, 25 if you route the talk back input to a channel.
    If you have a copper snake in place some channels could go to the local inputs and the extra channels could come from a remote stage box.
    If you have a good 48 channel “analog copper” snake in place to the sound booth the stage box or boxes could stay with the mixer.

    For a live stream mix the live stream operators could remotely mix a mix on the SQ that feeds the live stream, that would not give them full independent channel processing control though.

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    Depending on where things are located & any analogue multi you have, a 2nd SQ6 or SQ7 connected to the first by SLink would give you 48 (+2) shared XLR inputs without adding a stage box. Though the control of the gain would split between the two desks, which may or may not be a problem in your situation.

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    @donstar do you really have 48 inputs? Keep in mind that the SQ series can handle 48 individual input sockets at once, stereo inputs are counting as two. So, if you need now 48 input channels, the you will run into a problem quickly, no matter whether you use analog or digital stageboxes. Maybe you need a solution with more possible inputs like an Avantis or dLive. Even if I do not like the Soundcraft Si mixer at all, they can handle more input channels than the SQs.

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    There are lots of possibilities and questions…..

    If you only need 32 channels and can use an analog snake, then you can connect the two Allen and Heath boards together using their digital connections. The problem is that those connections are also used for digital stage boxes and the SQ series only has one digital connection.

    So if you really need 48 channels you will likely have to use a digital box because the SQ7 only has 32 XLR analog inputs (the SQ6 only has 24 and the SQ 5 only has 16). In order to connect to another console AND the digital box, you are going to need a I/O card of some sort. The easiest is probably to get the SQ SLink card which gives you another digital connection. This way you can put the card in your FOH mixer and connect to a stage box with one connector and the broadcast mixer with the other card. You could also connect the two consoles together using another protocol – like Dante or Waves, but each console would need a matching card to work this way.

    In order to do all of this AND use ME mixers, you probably need a GX4816 stage box because it has a ME connector built in. So you would connect the GX4816 to the FOH console using the built in SLink. You would connect the ME mixers to the GX4816, and you would connect the broadcast console to the FOH console either by putting the SQ SLink card at FOH and connecting over SLink, or by putting Waves or Dante cards in both consoles and connecting them together.

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions.

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    I have added up stuff and I will only need 40 inputs…what do you suggest..

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    Based on our church and their streaming I would suggest that you rethink the need for a separate video mixer
    send a stereo mix from the SQ to the ‘sound room’ for morphing with the video and then processed and streamed

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    KeithJ A&H

    @volounteer – If the number of operators and budget allows, having a separate mixer to create a dedicated mix for video/streaming can provide far (far!) better results than a single operator running a stereo mix from the main board. The main reason being that the optimum mix for the room will be very different to that for any recording/video/streaming, especially in this case where the channel count suggests many mics and instruments are being used.

    @donstar – On the subject of SQ vs Qu for the live stream mixer, you might be able to get creative with Tie Lines and Groups on the SQ to get the channel count you pass to a Qu down to 32 (e.g. Send many channels individually, but perhaps group drums). However, the Qu models capable of mixing 32 channels are the Qu-32, Qu-Pad and Qu-SB. The former being a higher cost than the smaller SQ-5 and the latter being faderless models, requiring an iPad.


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