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    Just curious.

    Looking into purchasing one to use with my QU32. Don’t want to over buy, but don’t want to come up short either.

    Thanks in advance.

    Glaser Audio Productions

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    iPad 2

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    Mini retina. Works great. Not too big.

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    Using a refurbished iPad 2, would prefer an iPad Mini for Qu32 since the full size iPad conflicts with the left gooseneck lamp.

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    iPad mini 3 and iPad Pro 9.7 inch.
    The iPad Pro is SOOOOOO responsive, thanks I guess to the faster processor.

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    iPad Air 1st edition, no complaints.

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    I use 2 iPad Pros’
    They are fast! Large. good for my eyes.. Heavy if left in the Logi tech keyboard holders though.
    Good for fat figures!
    I have an ipad air which works just as good. However smaller picture.
    The pros’ are power hungry when used with the logitec keyboard, only when they stand up within the key board position with screen etc. When they are hooked together with the 3 pins.

    Hope this helps.


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    Thank you all.

    I mainly want something to allow me to walk the room and set monitors from stage. I’m wondering now if I shouldn’t start with my iphone 6s. It’s a pretty sizable screen. See how well that works and go from there.

    I’m thinking about getting an Apple Airport Express to use as a router. Any thoughts?

    Again, thank you.

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    Hi Joel,
    Apple Airport Express is completely awesome!

    As far as I know, you can not run QuPad on the iPhone, only Qu-YOU which is NOT going to give you the control you want to tweak EQ of monitor mixes and gobs of other stuff.

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    I suppose you could get away with that if you prepare one tab per monitor using Qu-control. You are missing out on a lot of functionality though compared to Qu-pad (which doesn’t work on a phone).

    I also use the regular Airport thinking that staying in the Apple family would give me the best chance for good performance. I don’t regret it; works flawless with the added benefit of using Airplay for backgroundmusic (I’m on a Qu-SB)


    PS: I use an Ipad 4 air together with a Mini 2 retina. They both work fine but the 4 is snappier, probably due to the faster engine in it.

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    IPad 3 and, sometimes, a Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition (Android) using Mix station Qu Pro.

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    Ipad2 + ipad pro 9″ + airport express 1st gen

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    Mainly an iPad2 (+ Q-Conrol on iPhone 5s) – both from ebay. Sometimes an iPad mini as well.

    My experiments with a very cheap Android tablet have not gone well so far, though that’s got more to do with an unresponsive screen that anything else I think.

    I’d also recommend one of the cases with the rotating hand strap on the back for your iPad, if you’re going to spend much time standing/walking about & holding it.

    Example: https://askalexia.com/2011/01/12/usu-swivel-pro-ipad-case/

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    I use a 3rd gen (pre lightning port) ipad. It is very slow for day-to-day use, i pretty much only use it with the QU now, but it does the job for that just fine. As an engineer with the qu, you are going to want an ipad vs an iphone. The iphone app is mainly geared towards musicians tweaking levels on individual monitor feeds. For ringing out monitors, checking your mix in different spots of the room, etc you are going to want/need an ipad.

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    While you can’t mix anything complicated on a phone alone, it is very useful to have as well as an iPad to run Qu-Control.

    very useful for accessing mute groups, effects levels, DCAs etc while still keeping focus on the main channels in the iPad.

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