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    Yes I was also one of those people, But decided to keep mine, Because I will not give mine away, What a shame, How does A&H think they will retain Customers when they keep screwing them, Example #1 QU Series .. I purchased a QU16 when they first came out for $2500, Then 6 months later they lower the price to $1999, When I go back to the Dealer they tell me that I cannot get a rebate on that because it is past 60 days ” what a sham” now a dealer Friend tells me that prices are falling on the GLD because of the introduction of the Chrome series.. I feel bad for those people also, And now the Ilive .. where do I start, For being the Flagship of these products, I think that it has sunk.. there has been no attention given to this series in well over a year & there is talk about a new Ilive that is not compatible with the current product.
    If you notice Nicola stays far away from these discussions, Forums are for discussions of the products, The only post you see on this forum are from Customers trying to sell their Ilives Before the new Ilive is released, So that they do not lose even more on their investment.

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    My phone is out of date within a year.
    We now live in an era of in the *now*
    Technology has become exponential.
    The iLive is still a fantastic product and from what I am led to believe it is a totally different product than it was 10 years ago?
    I could never afford to buy one.
    10 years ago I was using computers that cost $10k
    Now I do that same jobs on a laptop costing $1k
    I don’t have those old tower computers now.
    They are junk and gone to heaven.
    My black faced Adats cost me $45K 17 years ago.
    Within 5 years they were so out of date! Boat anchors.
    I lost huge amounts of money on the last of the GL 40 channel desks I used over the last 3 years.
    They are gone now as well.
    Equipment are just tools to earn a living from.
    They need to be written off over X amount of years.
    and then replaced.
    Interesting, I see that the GSR24m (from the gearslutz forum) has actually gone UP a few thousand Eruos in Europe ?
    I did a job a 3 years ago, New Years festival and the FOH guy used a behringer X32 and I thought wow this is a game changer.
    I told the agent here down under and he didn’t believe me.
    Unfortunately he was wrong.
    You have to ride the crest of the wave.
    We all know there will be a new iLive out soon…? when… I don’t know
    The 16 channel desk market is the biggest selling market at this moment so A & H , need to get their product out there or close up shop. *They have to make money!* its Just business.
    Your iLive is still a great desk!
    I would hang on to it.
    However there is nothing worse than old high tech gear that becomes unreliable.
    From what I have seen the iLive is built like a brick SH** house.

    Nicola stays far away from these discussions

    I don’t think Nicola is part of the marketing division?

    i Wish I have of had an iLive from the beginning.
    It would have made me broke but maybe I would have had more live sound work on?
    The horse has bolted.

    This is not criticism
    Simply observation
    NOT directed at you personally
    Offense can only be taken


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    Wise words dhak! I was one of the first customer in Switzerland that bought a Qu-16! After half a year there was a price drop, however in this half a year I was using the Qu-16 so many times that I already gained the ROI!
    I’m sure A&H knows what thei’re doing and I love all of their products so far!

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    I hadn’t heard that the new iLives weren’t going to be compatable, can you point me to that info?

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    Mike Storm

    Well said dhak!

    This is the third or fourth thread of people complaining for price drops. Guys, that’s modern technology for you. You can’t buy an iPad and expect it will retain its market value over the years – get real. As competitor products appear on the market, and manufacturers develop new stuff, it’s only logical that existing products are reduced in price.

    It’s also the fourth or fifth thread of people who feel ‘let down’ by their iLives. As many said before, you can’t expect hardware designed 10 years ago to keep the pace of the latest generation with new toys and FX. Can you run Yosemite on a 10 years old Mac? I doubt it.

    I agree with others that iLive is still a superior product for its price point compared to others. And we are enjoying a stable software courtesy of years of free updates.

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    It’s the same few people making these threads, too. Assumedly trying to strongarm A&H into putting their prices back up, or perpetually developing iLive firmware?

    I remember a while back saying how iLive “doesn’t suddenly become a shit mixer”

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    Well it’s working, at least people are now talking about this Mixer again.

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