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    This is going to be a great tool. Excited to see it.

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    I agree, can’t wait to hear pricing and availability.

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    Holy Schmidt!!!
    I want one!!

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    I would really like to see the iLive guys get something. I am sure all the recent developments are killing them. I almost went with iLive over a year ago. Kind of glad I did not. Guess I would if I needed high input count. Even as a dealer, I still have to rent large consoles a couple times a year just for that reason, but have to go with other well known brands.

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    The iLive range must be getting close to a major revision/upgrade some time soon.
    They’ve been around a long time and I suppose that’s a reflection of how good they are.
    The replacement will need to be something special to keep its rightful position above the super competent GLD series….

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    +1 for some iLive attention. My guess is we will hear about an iLive 2 at InfoComm – that seems like a more appropriate venue. I do hope to hear about firmware updates during NAMM, especially for GLD and ME-1.

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    That’s what I wanted last year 🙂

    Now to see if they release a physical QuPad…
    Either Ethernet or wifi would do guys 😉

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    look like my old Orange PA120 Head…. inspired by this?

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    nobody has mentioned the new features to the QU software yet?

      Channel ducking
      Qu-Control custom screen

    I hope these are coming to the entire range
    the ducking is amazing for corporate events…

    So we need Windows remote software then we can build universal control systems taylored to our needs

    Touch screens with 32 inch… damn I start dreaming

    price tag is a bit lower than the QU-16

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    Hi steffenromeiss,

    Yes, channel ducker is coming to the whole Qu range.


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    They say it rack mounts. Will be curious to see how they accomplish that. The front panel is sloped. In my new dealer pricing there is no rack kit showing. I wonder if it is included. Still checking on that.

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    check out the Qu-Pac picture gallery on the A&H site, particularly Rack Ears

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    They have the users manual posted on the item page. It shows the rack mount ears and how they are mounted. Pretty simple looks like and allows that angle to be maintained. I really like that it is fully functioning even without the I-pad. Would like to see a large touchscreen that could hardwire in the network, or even a hardwire dock for the Ipad, for those areas that is tough to maintain wifi in.

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    Ok. I see now. That rack setup causes the lower part to stick out. Will require a case with some depth to the lid. Again I haven’t found out if the ears are included. They are not in the price sheet I got last night.

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    Nicola A&H

    Rack ears are included in the box 🙂

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