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    Mark Oakley

    Hi Folks:

    Has anyone used a pair of Waves Network cards for a digital split with Plug-ins? At the moment I’m using ACE cards for this and a Waves M2 in an xDR-16 for the Soundgrid channels. I’m running into a reduced number of Plug-in channels due how the ACE modes work. With two Wave M2 cards (one in each Mix-rack) I’m wondering if anyone has done this:

    -FOH Waves card Link 1: 48 Insert send/returns for Plug-ins (#1-48 out/in) . Link 2: 48 channels to Slave rack (#1-48 pre-Insert out), 16 channels (#49-64 in) return from Slave rack.

    -Monitor Waves Card: Link 1: 48 channels received from FOH Rack (#1-48 in), 16 channels (#49-64 out) returned to FOH Rack. Link 2: 48 channels (#1-48 out) send to DAW.

    One problem I have is that I’m using an iDR-48 and an iDR-16 as Mix-Racks. With a standard ACE split I’ll make the iDR-48 Monitor/Master and iDR-16 FOH/Slave. With the iDR-16 receiving it’s Inputs through ACE Link 1 (only 32 Ins), Link 2 is reduced to 16 Ins from the xDR-16 and 16 Soundgrid send/return channels (as the xDR-16 takes precedence of ACE inputs 33-48).

    I can reverse the MixRacks and use the iDR-48 as FOH and iDR-16 as Monitors with no ACE monitor channels returning to the FOH rack, but the iDR-16 only has 8 outs, plus 4 TRS outs on the back of my T-80 for a total of 12 monitor outs. This might be enough in some situations but not for multiple stereo In-ears. One solution would be to get a larger Monitor MixRack.

    I’m hoping to have a 48 ch. digital split, 48 channels available for Plug-ins (on the FOH MixRack only) and 48 Tracks for multi-track recording. Has anyone achieved this with iLive?

    -thanks, Mark

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