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    I wanted to use the vocal shift on the bass vocals for an a capella band. I used the -1 octave preset/function for this.
    Unfortunately, I noticed severe inharmonious distortions (1-8kHz). Send/return levels are all okay, there is no clipping here!

    I initially had the suspicion that frequencies that were too low would become “too deep” when tuned down and I tried to set a low cut with a 24dB edge at 80Hz… but that didn’t help either.

    Does anyone know the problem or use the effect successfully for something similar?

    And yes – I know the Hyper Bass effect and have used it for this so far.
    Unfortunately the modulation is not always as desired, I would have liked to transfer a clean -1 octave.

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    Do you need those upper frequencies on that effect? I rarely use it, but when I do, I lowpass way down to only let the bottom octaves through.

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    Did you try low & high cut filters on the send or the return? They probably sound different so you’ll want to try both to see what works better. Perhaps a Dyn8 would help as well by limiting the volume of the effect at certain frequencies, especially if some are “poking out” more than others…..

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    I don’t need the high frequencies, the signal sent is basically a bandpass of 80-200Hz. The return from the effect then has distortions in a spectrum that I don’t send into the effect at all.

    In order to increase the slope, I overlaid the high and low pass filters of the channel additional with the channel EQ as a test (high and low band from bell to cut).

    From my point of view, the effect here isn’t working properly or there is an overflow or something like that, which leads to these distortions.

    Sure, I could try to remove the distortion in the return using a high cut…
    I think I’ll just buy a simple guitar pedal (Boss OC-5) for this… it does what it’s supposed to do.

    I was hoping that it was simply error of usage on my part – although you can’t really do something wrong with sending any signal to an FX 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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