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    Ok, I am coming from the analog world to digital and am having a difficult time grasping how to properly set a vocal Eq. On the analog I would set my gain structure then eq to get the best sound and volume out of a monitor on stage without feed back, then ring out FOH and adjust as needed. This is where I get confused. With a digital desk, there are so many ways of EQ’n the monitors and the mains,where do you start in order to get a good baseline PEQ on the vocal channel?I am guessing the best way would be to set it with a floor monitor completely flat, no processing, then adjust your gain structure and then PEQ for the best natural sound to your ears, at a low volume without feedback, then bring up the gain and ring out the monitor with the aux send Eq,or PEQ. Am I making sense? Seems like if you were to try to Eq your vocal on a monitor that’s already processed you could end up fighting your self for proper gain structure and feedback issues. Thank you LK

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    My order to do a gig with vocals and monitors is:
    1. gain the channels
    2. EQ with the PEQ on the channels
    3. Set the Monitor with the PEQ and GEQ flat.
    4. Make an simple mix on the monitor
    5. EQ with the GEQ your monitor at hearing.
    6. make the final monitor mix
    7. check your monitor with the artist, and edit it if he ask. (the EQ section)
    8. make your FOH – mix.

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    All our monitors bar one are set flat, the odd one I have cut all high frequencies as the guitarist likes a loud monitor, but it isn’t very often that I have to deal with feedback.

    I actually find eq’ing on the QU far easier than any analogue board I have ever used over the years.


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    A question,

    Could you clarify “2. EQ with the PEQ on the channels.”
    What source (beginning of signal chain) do you use to do this step?


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    Of Course I can. Set the Parametic EQ at hearing good. As source I have use my study and my experience.

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