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    Hi All,

    Trying something new and want to make sure i’m doing this correctly in my mind.

    I want to use a Dante Card in port B to record and then use software to play it back to do virtual soundcheck.
    I’ve watched the how to videos from A&H and they all feature a simple system.

    I have the following system:
    T112 at FOH
    iDR48 in amp room
    iDR16 in amp room
    xDR16 at FOH for video/wireless mics

    If I understand the documentation correctly I need to connect the Dante card to the idr16 (Slave) Port B card slot.

    My questions:

    Will i be able to access all the audio channels for recording?

    Will I be able to playback all the channels for virtual soundcheck? (Are there hardware limits)


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    It all comes down to “mapping” the channel inputs/outputs for the Dante signal. From a slave rack to master rack, you only have 32 ACE channels available for playback, so that would be a restriction if your idr48 is your master rack and you use that many channels at one time.

    We run a dual rack setup, idr48 master at FOH and an idr32 slave backstage. Dante card in port B of the slave rack.
    Dante network connections for ME-U, and PC for recording/playback.

    You will need to have a good grasp on the mapping functions of the “ACE” network links, from master->slave(1-64 programmable channels) and slave->master(1-32 reserved assignment-33-64 programmable) as well as your Dante controller mapping configs.

    I have 2 special scenes saved, 1 for “recording” and 1 for “playback”. The only thing saved in these 2 scenes is the “patchbay” info that we normally have set “scene safe”.

    I can’t say about your Xdr channels(I presume is connected to the master rack port B ACE card), as we don’t have one, but you should have settings on the channel pre-amp setup tab to assign where the signal is coming from as far as a socket or an ACE channel.

    I spent some time mapping it all out on a spreadsheet, and I still scratched my head a bit when I actually put hands on, setting it up…. but I did get it done. Paper and pencil(with a good eraser… lol) are your friends.

    I know that when we upgrade to the Dlive, we are going to have our rack locations similar to what you are describing. Have the 48ch master rack back stage(with Dante card option) in the amp room and then have a couple of 16/8 stage boxes at FOH for our wireless receivers and some misc aux inputs.

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