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    Where in the input channel does the Virtual Sound Check feature pull audio from? I believe it would be just before Trim i.e. before any processing but after any pre-amp/ADC if present.

    The reason I ask is I was playing with a recording of a church service via VSC and the minister’s mic level was peaking in the input channel. When listening to the input channel live, via the wireless mic, the level is ok. I imagine there is something in the VSC record step that I do not fully understand or have setup wrong.

    The setup is an Avantis with a Dante I/O card sending audio to a Windows Laptop with Dante Virtual soundcard and Waves Tracks Live for multitrack recording. I know the wireless mics are mapped to Dante channels 1-12 on the Avantis and the VSC is set to use Dante channels 16-48 on the Avantis mapped to virtual sound card Dante channels.

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    this depends on the configuration and the way the recording was made
    if you using direct outs for your recording not made with the “VSC” feature these can be at different positions in the signal chain
    page 22

    but you are right normally the VSC recording is send from the pre trim position and inserted at the same position

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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