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    We’re using a new WXGA over CAT6 video sender from stage to our video mixer, and routing the audio from the stage via DI to our GLD80. The video is (shockingly) delayed by about 600mS compared to the audio!!! There are several ways to tackle this…
    1. Delay the audio to sync up to the video in the GLD
    2. Send audio and video from the video mixer only (no issues)
    3. Buy in a dedicated delay (I have an Alesis Microverb somewhere?)
    4. Change the WXGA sender / receiver

    Option 1:
    I found a built in channel delay of 100mS – not nearly enough, so then thought I’d use our FX delays for as clean as possible delay. First I tried routing through a group, but for some reason hit a brick wall when trying to send the group to main mix?? (Maybe I’m just having a dumb day?). Anyway, I know how to route the Group through FX to delay as a stereo pair, and I’ll probably solve it tonight as I nod off,(am I in good company here?).
    So, after being defeated, I then thought, use an insert into each input channel – which works well, BUT – although the FX delay is stereo in/out, the FX channel will only allow 1 insert at a time, so I had to use 2 FX channels, one for Lin and 1 for Rin. Working but not ideal.
    Option 2 and 3 are practical but not the elegant solution I’m looking for. Option 4 is admitting defeat.

    So the question is, for around 500-600mS of good, clean, stereo delay, what is best practice?

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