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    I think this didn’t post??

    If you want some good community feedback on the board look no further:,165251.msg1527291.html#msg1527291

    Someone mentioned the iLive doing cool peak metering stuff? Looks like they kept that concept

    • The peak (Pk) LED’s on channels strips use multi-point sensing to display destructive peaking anywhere in the channel or mix.
    • If a channel is peaking on a channel strip which is on an inactive layer, the layer selection key will illuminate in red.

    Also, super cool. They got polarity vs phase right!

    After reading through the manual, some things I’m disappointed in
    • Auxes are fixed pairs stereo/mono. The processing is all there to do 24x mono mixes/auxes; The lights for the buttons for SOF could be multicolor to show which ‘send’ you’re sending. (I don’t need and will not use this feature) [I think I get ‘why’ they did this, to limit the number of buttons on the board for SOF…]
    • Wish the matrices were like Yamaha’s M7’s ‘super matrix’ meaning channels send to matrices…
    • I wish it had LCR capabilities. They included a TON of features for routing channel(s) to stereo image
    • I need my De-Esser and MBC to make this board perfect. Note: Frank(ie) (A&H’s spokes dude) has said they will be coming soon…
    • I want compressors on the FX returns.
    • GEQ on everything is pointless, I’d rather have more PEQ points on outputs…
    • RTA/Spectrum on PEQ on CH…
    • Metering should be assignable: pre HPF, Pre Fader and AFL (really more, like the direct out options should be available, but…)
    • For whatever reason the background screen color (of the screenshots in the manual) reminds me of windows 95… I know you have to start somewhere and it might not even be that color in real life…but ugh, It’s pretty ugly for such a nice looking board haha.
    • Ducking…

    Burried features I’m kinda excited about?
    • Talkback is a channel…wut you can have 49ch’s!
    • Scene management is top notch! [Scenes and shows]
    • Looks like compressor knee rate is variable, that’s always nice.
    • Direct Out level is +10 capable; good for lots of things…dante!

    Software is still very new, so I’m sure we’ll get plenty of updates over the next 1.5yrs; then maybe 1 or two more in another 2yrs.

    If I were A&H I’d replace GLD with this board and re-tool my factories.

    The extra extra good news is most of these are already planned

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    SQ color theme follows Qu color theme I think, I wish it follows UI of GLD, it looks a lot nicer.

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    Ahh, well, at least that’s better than win 95 haha! Though I think it should be more like d-live color scheme.

    [Really UI between all 4 types of boards should be same]

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one in ~30 days 🙂 My xmas gift to myself haha.

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    Johan Velthuis

    +1 for the RTA on PEQ Ch

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    I like the graphics on everything! but I wish all outputs had a 6 band parametric as the m32 does!

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