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    An option to make enable the knobs to the right of the screens, and the channel knobs to be context aware (aka follow the currently selected processing view).
    This would speed up mixing a whole lot since it reduces the number of interactions required with the mixer to get access to certain parameters.

    1) I want the knobs to the right of the screens to follow the currently selected processing:
    1.1) When selecting a gate, it should show gate parameters
    1.2) When selecting the PEQ it should follow the currently selected band (Freq, Gain, Q)
    1.3) When selecting a compressor it should show the compressor parameters
    1.4) When selecting anything else: Unassign

    2) I want the knobs to the bottom of the screen to follow the currently selected processing, similar to above but with some additions:
    2.1) When selecting “Mix” the knob assignment should be set to that mix. There are two possible behaviors:
    2.1.1) Either “Mix != LR” always overrides the knob assignment, even when the processing view gets changed
    2.1.2) The knobs always follow the latest action, so after pressing a mix button -> sends on mix. After changing the processing view -> follow processing.

    Personal note: I find myself not using the knobs besides the screen at all because they are fixed, and I don’t adjust the same parameter all the time.
    The channel knobs on the other hand are just more cumbersome to use:
    During a typical soundcheck I go through gate, peq, comp on a per channel basis, so I would need to press the center knob assignment buttons at least 3-4 times per channel, and this costs time and adds distraction to mixing.

    One could argue that touch and turn would be easier/faster, however I disagree. Example: Adjusting a compressor may involve multiple parameters, thus I need to touch all of them first before adjusting. When using the channel knobs I always have all of them accessible and just need to turn them.

    I hope you would see the benefit of this and can provide me some feedback if this will make it into a future update.

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    The controls are already able to follow a selected channel.

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    Chris Irwin

    Agreed, I would love the option of “Context Aware” knobs.

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