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    Hey guys,

    I’m moving into a new house in a couple of weeks with a dedicated space to build out a home studio for my podcast. I’ve been unhappy with my current mixer (Behringer Xenyx UFX1604) for a while now so I’m looking to change/upgrade in the new studio.

    I want to run through what I envision as the setup and I’m hoping that you will share your advice and experience regarding whether or not it sounds like it will work with a QU-16 and/or if there is a better way to do it.

    1. I’ll be running 4 permanent xlr mics into the mixer which will be sitting on a desks. This number could be expanded to as many as 8 XLR inputs in some more extreme situations.

    2. I’ll be connecting the mixer to my laptop via USB and will have both skype callers and a sound board sending voice and sound from the PC into the mixer.

    3. I’ll want to record each XLR input and the skype feed / sound effects into its own track in my DAW. That’s current Tracktion 6 which I don’t love, but I’ve gotten used to it enough to stick with it until something better comes along. It does appear to support Mackie controls. I’m under the impression that I can assign the PC as an input channel and that the skype feed and sound board will be combined on that input.

    4. I’m expanding into video and plan to run an output from the mixer to a DLSR camera to add the fully mixed sound into the video recording. From everything I’ve read this will need to be an analog output ending with a 3.5mm input into the camera.

    5. I’ll also have the headphones output from the mixer running into a headphone amp to split the signal for all of our hosts in order to monitor as we record.

    I think that’s everything. I know I can do this with a less expensive product, I have been for 3 years now. After spending 500+ on what have amounted to cheaply made products I want to buy a high quality solution this time and the A&H product seems to be the highest quality solution I can find.

    One last note – the studio will be as static as I can make it with all mics, settings, etc staying in place from one week to the next.

    Thanks, for any validation or help that you can provide. Thanks!

    Jonathan Oakes
    Trivial Warfare

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