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    Is the gain stage of ST-1 and ST-2 the same a s Mic inputs 1 through 16? Is it possible (given the right adapters) to use ST-1&2 as dynamic mic inputs?

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    Yes. Absolutely. I tried Y connecting the inputs (at the AR24) and to my 2 cent ears sounds fine to me. However technically they are line level on the rear of the mixer (I think)
    I also ran 3x QU16’s (together) and used the ST1 and ST2 as the inputs from the 2 outside desks. But that’s where the problem came in. They are dedicated to left and right so I had to sum the signal going into ST1&2 however I could still use the 2 outboard QU16s as subgroups. Hope this helps. cheers davyd

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    The three qu16’s together, may I say – awesome!

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    You can certainly plug mics into 17 – 22 on an AR2412 box and they show up on the stereo channels.

    However, I’d be very surprised if you could use the jacks on the back of the desk in this way.

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    I use the stereo line level inputs all the time as keyboard inputs

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    Hey Mike, which stereo inputs do you use for that? ST1, 2 or 3? And do you use it on the AR** Rack or direct on the console? The only stereo input i would worry about is the mini jack on the top of the console! the other inputs should work for dynamic microphones i think. In combination with a rack there wan’t be a problem because the preamp is in the Rack and this once are made for mics!

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    Direct into the balanced 1/4″ line inputs, even if you have enough gain I’d be worried about what the impedance might do to the mic sound.

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