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    Is there a way to use CQ18/20 as a monitor mixer and use the network port to send all channels to front of house?

    MIDAS 4816-O Splitter can do this via Ultranet on the Behringer series and I’m trying to find a solution for CQ. Also, I believe this would protect the CQ unit from Phantom power coming into the system.



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    No. Use 2xSQ for that.

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    The CQ series mixers are designed as a completely stand alone device/system. There are zero expansion capabilities with these consoles. You cannot add additional I/O through digital stage boxes, etc. There are no expansion slots to add an I/O card to. You cannot inter-connect the console to other A&H systems (other consoles, ME monitor system, etc) or to any other brand’s systems. Of course if you use an analog splitter, it may be possible to use the same sources with more than one system, but that is true of any setup and doesn’t speak to the expansion limitations of the CQ systems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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