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    I’ve been working on an iLive T-112 for several years, but never really needed to dig very deep into using the FX. We use a Hall Reverb for vocals in our church service, and it sounds good. But I’ve decided to try some new things and I’ve hit a roadblock.
    I have four effects selected on eight channel strips (4 sends, 4 returns). I have set the overall levels for each on my FOH mix and my Rec Out mix. I have all sends un-muted, and all returns muted except the one I want.
    But if I choose, say Hall Reverb, then Hall Reverb is what every input has to work with, if used at all for that input.
    How can I select different effects for different channels? What am I missing?

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    Do you maybe mean this Mix – Return or Insert FX. In the video at 2:12 min

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    I watched the video. Thanks for sharing. For me, it was one of those things I just couldn’t figure out in soundcheck or choir practice; I had to set aside some alone time to dig deep and keep working with it until I figured it out.
    So I have eight strips set aside for FX; four sends and four returns for four different FX. I unmuted all four sends. I unmuted the two returns for the two FX I want to use on two different mics. I set the send faders to “0” and the return faders to “-5”. Then I hit the Mix button for one of the FX sends and pushed up the fader for the mic I wanted to use with it, leaving all the other mics’ faders pulled down. (That’s the trick; you can’t mute an effect for one mic and unmute it for another. The effects sends and returns mute buttons apply to all inputs. You just use the mic faders to choose which FX to use on which mic).
    Then I hit the Mix button for the other FX I wanted to use and pushed up the fader for the 2nd mic, leaving all others pulled down. I pushed the mic faders up to -5 db for this and got the sound I was looking for. It’s a simple operation, it just took some time and experimenting to figure it out.
    And I realized that you can actually run more than one effect at a time on a mic or other input, although I doubt I’ll ever need to.
    I set the amount of effects I wanted in the monitors and rec out auxes by pressing the Mix button on each aux and setting the FX sends and returns to the same level as for the mains. Then I ran their faders up or down to find the effects level I liked for those auxes; it was close to the house level, but a bit different.
    Always more to learn!

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