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    So I’m working for the 5th year on a long theatre show that utilizes the crap out of MIDI control with all the system pieces. One piece this year is several MIDI controllers that send notes (through a MIDI translator) to route talkback mics on and off to various Aux sends that are sending to crew positions. It sounds complicated but it works really well for us.

    So the hard part is that I don’t think there is a MIDI command to turn an aux send for a channel on and off, I can adjust the level but not the assign. So the next idea is to change the send level between -inf and unity. That will work assuming unity is where it needs to be. The problem know would be if that aux send level ever gets adjusted it would get reset to unity next time the control is used.

    What I’ve done in the past is create global variables in Bome’s MT that constantly read the values of faders or other MIDI controls so I can apply relative changes instead of absolute (it knows the fader is at -5 so it can subtract 5 from current position instead of always going to a set point). The problem with this is that the software needs to see each of those levels after it starts up to initially store the variable and can track it from there.

    So the question of the day is: Does the iLive send all applicable MIDI values when it recalls a scene? If I had a fader move in a scene would it send the MIDI control info for that fader move? This is obviously not that hard to test but I don’t have access to the console for a few weeks.

    My idea would be to set up a scene that has all of the parameters I will need to track with variables and after setting up the system and software the operator just updates the scene (so it has the current desired settings instead of changing to an old version) and then recall it (which doesn’t actually do anything on the console) which would hopefully send all the current levels by MIDI so I can then track and keep those levels.

    TLDR; Does the iLive send MIDI control information for all the parameters it is changing on scene recall?
    And does anyone have any experience with any undocumented MIDI parameters that the iLive responds to?

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    Well I managed to get my hands on a console again today and did some experimenting.
    The simple answer is no, when you recall a scene the only MIDI data the iLive spits out is that program change command.

    I did connect with wireshark to try to watch some of the data and noticed that it was sending MIDI sysex commands when you do stuff in the editor. I tried to send that MIDI sysex both over actual MIDI and as a TCP packet. No luck. By TCP I would get a response but it was the same response no matter what I sent, some form of error code or “try again” it seems.

    The funny thing is when sending it as an actual MIDI string (both over MIDI and the TCP/IP MIDI driver) I at one point had an extra 2 zeros in my string and managed to turn the input gain for channel 1 all the way up.

    Even if I got the TCP commands to work I don’t know that I have anything that I know of to send these pre-determined packets upon receiving a trigger. I’m not actually a programmer I just play one on TV.

    So I think where I’m at for the moment is saving a bunch of scenes with various single parameters in them and calling those up when needed. That and picking my battles to just put some things at unity and edit that level later offline if required.

    If anybody has any ideas I’d love to hear them

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    If you use Editor Midi instead of the iLive’s Midi connections then selecting a MIX WILL send all current send levels via Midi. These will also be sent on scene recalls for the currently select mix. If you select a different mix then the send levels for that mix will be sent. If no mix is selected then normal channel fader levels are sent.

    Note: You will need to set up a Midi Control Map in Editor and set it’s Midi in/Out ports. Here’s one I created earlier!

    See here:

    This control map is for my MC-iLive Mackie Control/Apple Logic environment that lets any Mackie control protocol device control an iLive system. If anyone wants that it’s here:

    Hope that helps.

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    So basically the editor handles external controllers and will keep them “in the loop” on any of the available parameters to be MIDI mapped (which IIRC is just what’s in the MIDI protocol for the console directly).

    Ok, I think I can make this work

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