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    Hi all,
    This is a question more about how to use the SQ5 for best workflow than what it does per se? Can I ask those questions here?

    I am new to the Sq5 and to groups. I get why I would use Groups (broadly speaking): one master fader for the group and I can put FX / compression etc across a number of inputs.

    So to do this I would un-assign from main LR those inputs I have in the group but assign the group to LR (which by, default, the 4 pre-assigned groups already are).
    After that I must always mix the members in the context of the group — so, if I do want to tweak them individually then I switch out of LR and select the Group.
    BUT I also set up the group’s master fader as an input on my main LR layer so I can pull them up and down as group easily..

    Is this the idea or have I got this wrong?
    So If, say, I put all my Vocals in Group 1 – every time I want to change an individual vocal level or mute a mic I have to come out of Main LR and select the Group 1.. to see the vox on the layer(s) for that group yes?
    I guess you just get used to working this way?

    (Or I have I got this completely wrong?)

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    No completely, no 🙂

    But you don’t need to worry about switching from Main LR to the group to make adjustments to levels. The level for main & any groups will always be the same – if you swap from one to another, you’ll not see the fader move.

    So once you’ve set up a group with any eq, comp etc that you want, you can just mix as “normal” with Maim LR selected.

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    Hi WaihekeSoundie,

    As MarkPAman wrote – you don’t have to switch to the group “Layer” -> it still doesent exist.

    For me – i like Blockdiagramms a lot – so here’s the Input Channel Routing of SQ.
    You can see the Fader is the same for LR and for the groups. The difference is the Assign switch (on / off)

    BUT: Aus Mixes (here is the Word MIX) have a control (labled with “LEV” in the diagramm) to do a auxillary mix (witch can be pre or post of the Fader.

    Hope to cleared up the thing 😉


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    Thanks so much guys..
    (This desk is making me feel like a noob..)

    Ok — I see now that the Groups are not separate mixes / busses from LR they are part of LR
    That makes more sense.. 🙂

    FX with groups is still confusing me a bit though ….
    Let’s say I set up Fx1 with a reverb and I return that Fx1’s output to my Main LR mix via the Fx1Rtn.
    Then I dial in Vox on Ip1 to send to to Fx1. It’s a post fader send- if I pull down Ip1’s main mix fader nothing is sent to the Fx1 slot.
    All good.

    But say now I unassign Ip1 from Main LR but add it to GP1.
    Now if I pull down Ip1 nothing is sent to the FX as before (of course) but if I keep the Ip1 up but pull down the GP1 fader I lose the dry signal but I still hear the wet… so setting up my FX like this ends up Pre-fader in the main mix with respect to the Gp1 master.

    Don’t want that really…

    So…. does this mean that if I use a group, and I want a post fader effect like a reverb, then either I must
    a) Insert that FX on (each) input in the group I want it on OR
    b) Assign the Group’s output to the FX input and not assign any of the input channels specifically to the FX input- the latter approach meaning of course that all members of the group get the same fx and same level of fx (but it is post fader)?

    Is there another (better) way to do this ?

    Thank you
    Your support is much appreciated

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    Mike C

    You need to assign the FX return to the same group that ip1 and any other channels
    are assigned to that same group and then un-assign the FX return from the main L R mix.

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    Thanks Mike,
    I will have a play tonight.. 🙂

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