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    Iam running my Fractal axefx3 directly into a channel on the Qu16 via my left output on the Fractal unit and running my right output of the fx to my stage monitor which is an atomic wedge FRFR… it sounds great coming from my atomic wedge speaker, big fat, warm sound… the sound I am getting from the main speakers which are powered JBL pro800 ser… tops (15 and horn) and 118 subs… it sounds thin… my channel on the Qu16 is eq’d flat. Should I set the input on the channel up and route it differently or just rely on the Eq setting for that channel… it just sounds so thin coming to front of house? Anyone else have this problem or any suggestions…

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    Best practice to use xlr stereo out for pa and jack out for monitor.


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    Mike C

    How does the PA sound with playback music through it?

    Just to try have you swapped cables, take the cable going to
    the monitor and plug that into the mixer, the cable going to the mixer
    plug that into the monitor, see how that sounds.

    Double check that the high pass filter on the guitar channel is not set too

    I would take stereo to the PA and use another output for the monitor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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