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    I will be using this mixer in my rack build with my iems with backtracks and click tracks. I will be using it with a Mac and using logic as the daw. I figured out how to set this all up, my question is are we still able to get the live monitor mix from FOH as well (when we are mic’ed up)? And how do we feed the back tracks to FOH?

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    Bry. Really like what you are doing. Would like to do the same with ProTools. Might you have a YouTube channel showing this routing setup? Thanks. Jim.

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    The CQ series is non-expandable. In other words, it cannot be digitally connected to another console. Therefore you will need an analog split that will split all of your inputs into two – with one set going to FOH and one set going to the CQ12 at monitors. Using an analog split is how most bands set up their IEM rack because then it will work with any brand console at FOH. The only time a band would expect to connect their monitor board to the FOH board via a digital connection is if they are providing both consoles and therefore can insure the two consoles will communicate together digitally.

    As far as getting the backing tracks to FOH, the easiest method is to connect the computer to an audio interface that has enough audio outputs for the number of stems/tracks you wish to output. You’ll take the analog output of this interface and plug it into the analog split were it will be sent to both the FOH and monitor console over analog. Depending on the audio interface, this might also require a direct box in-between the audio interface and the analog split as well. Theoretically you can use the CQ12 as this audio interface (using the USB connection), but given the limited number of outputs I doubt there is enough to support all of your IEM outputs and still have enough left over analog outputs to support all of your stems (because you’ll need to use analog outputs to send the stems to FOH).

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