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    Hi all,

    Can I use AR2412 to have more channels (than 16) remotely? I am new to this and with what I read, I can only have 16 input with the AR or AB devices. Can anyone confirm whether I can have all 24 input channels if I have the AR2412?



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    If you have a QU16 it will only be 16 input plus the Stereo ( they have mic pree’s )

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    Think of inputs and channels as 2 separate things. The QuPac can have many (approx 100) “inputs” connected to it at once: local preamps, local line inputs, remote preamps over dSnake, and USB inputs from Qu-Drive\DAW.

    Of all these, the QuPac can only process a maximum of 32mono +3stereo at a time. Adding AR\AB boxes doesn’t give you more processing channels, it just gives you alternative locations to source signals for your 32mono + 3stereo channels.

    So yes, you can use an AR2412 to have 24x remote preamps, but if you do you’ll then only be able to use 8x of the local preamps on the QuPac before hitting the maximum of 32 mono signals to feed 32x mono channels (ignoring having stereo channels source their signals from mono preamps rather than line inputs.) If you wanted to you could use an AR2412 + AB1608 to give yourself 40x remote preamps. You’d only be able to use 38 of them at a time (32 for mono and 6 feed the 3x stereo channels,) but if you did this then you wouldn’t be able to use any of the local preamps.

    Luckily you can choose on a channel-by-channel basis whether you’re sourcing signals from a local preamp, remote preamp, or USB.

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    With the QU16 it is easy to run 22 channels from the stage box (and I have done so)
    Having full mic preamps on the stereo sources is useful – but you have to consider that they are stereo channels, so they need to be fed from appropriate sources (and possibly convert the whole FOH into a mono rig?!

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