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    When can we expect a grown up user setting for the SQ?

    I want to have the possibility to log in as administrator and design a guest log in with access to only the menus i allow. Locking the screen with a password should be possible as well.

    And please give us a clock on the display…

    As the first quarter of 2018 is over for quite some time, many features that have been announced are not available yet.

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    I am afraid that a clock is not possible. As I can remember some of the officials here mentioned that there is no hardware clock on the board.

    But at least a lock password would make sense because without the lock function is for nothing.

    I have learned that A&H, as other companies in the market, do not commit upcoming features early. There is no public roadmap maybe because the customers will judge them on the fullfillment of such a roadmap, even a roadmap will help customers to decide wether they will go the way with that product or not. At the moment you only can decide on the current features because probably no additional feature you need will be available in the future. From my point of view it is not clever but it is as it is.
    So, at the moment you have to live without user management which maybe will never be available.

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    i can’t imagine there won’t be any user management here. this console will certainly be installed in locations where this function makes a lot of sense.

    on the other hand, i do not consider a watch in the desk to be important. as a rule, every technician has at least one telephone. some are even so crazy that they wear a watch on their arm 😉

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    I’d like to second the requirement for a lock function

    I’m actually not that concerned about a password. In my application I’m not worried about malicious, or intential tampering. I’m worried about unskilled operaters confusing themselves. So I’d like to be able to lock out menus, and also lock out some of the layer functionality.

    Simplest mode configuration (for unskilled operators!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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