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    I hope I am wrong and I have simply missed this all inclusive document. If Allen & Heath chooses to keep some of its features secret please tell me why.

    I cannot find a complete list of every feature of the GLD80 in writing anywhere. It would be nice to have a printed manual but a searchable document on a laptop would suffice.

    Please do not refer me to your on-line tutorials. I have view them all. I am looking for a solution where there is no web access and I am at a gig needing to perform some function and need the answer ASAP. Stopping everything and sending the talent home while I take a few hours to find web access and then view all the videos (that may not even have the info I need) just won’t work.

    I would hope this document will show a step by step path to activate the feature in question Even if it is not exactly how I am using your board it will get me into the ballpark.

    For example I can find nothing written on how to set up and use matrices. I can find how to enable them but no signal flow info.

    I have owned less expensive mixers and their manufacturers provide good manuals with everything included.

    Thank you,


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    Not sure if it is exactly what you need but have you looked at the pdf reference guide? Go to GLD products from the home page at A&H. Select GLD80. Then toward the bottom there are tabs. Chose DOCUMENTS. Look for the REFERENCE guide, 3rd one down. It is a 50 page manual. Much better than what comes with the board. Hope that helps…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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