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    I recently set an admin password on our GLD. I also created a second account with full permissions and no password so the desk can still be used as before, just without the ability to create accounts or set passwords. This mostly works, and I like how it bypasses the login page on boot if the last user didn’t have a password.

    The issue is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to access the desk from Editor without being prompted for the admin password. It seems odd that the desk itself can be accessed without a password, but not from Editor, unless I’ve missed something. I can see this being a desirable feature when the desk is logged in as passworded account and you don’t want a lower tier user interfering, but the same thing happens when the desk is logged in as the passwordless user. I would expect the PC editor to ask for the password, if any, of the currently logged in user, but it seems it can only use the admin account.

    I’d rather not have to give the admin password to everyone who needs to use Editor, such as when the video projection person operates a couple of faders from their PC on small events, or someone helping with monitors from a laptop.

    Any thoughts?


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