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    Dear all,

    I did get the immpression that it is possible to record track is Garageband from inststrument/mic’s that are connected to a QU16 (in my case). However, for me it doesn’t seem to work. I think I have the correct setup and setting but still no go. This is what I have:
    -QU16 (latest software build available)
    -Global USB B Streaming is set
    -The USB cable is connecte to my MAC (El Capitan)
    -CH2 patched to USB
    -I/O Patch untouched so 2 = CH2
    On the MAC I have installed the DAW controller
    -Mixer QU Series
    -Protocol: Mackie Control
    -Midi Ports radio button selected
    -Input Port: QU-16 Midi Out
    -Output Port: QU-16 Midi In
    When I move a fader on the QU, the square box in the lower right corner of the DAW control start turning black so I now the connection is establisht.
    When looking into the MAC’s Midi Setup I can see the QU-16 and all the in- and output channels. QU-16 is selected and the sample freqency is set to 48Khz. CLock source is QU-16 Audio

    In Garageband then, I add a new Audio track and select input 2 and Listing to QU-16

    When all this is completed, I would assume that talking into the mic on channel 2 that is unmuted would result in some kind of signal. But nothing happens. On the QU I can not even see an input signal. When I swith from USB to normal, I do have sound and input level volume. Back to USB…all is mute.

    Can someone please help……

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @stevengeertsqu16

    A&H MIDI Control is not required for recording or anything to do with the USB audio. It is very useful and allows you to use the custom layer of your Qu-16 as a control surface, but I would suggest thinking about the audio in/out and DAW control as two separate things to avoid confusion.

    The part that jumps out here is

    When I switch from USB to normal

    I wonder if you are switching the input of your channel#2 between the mic and USB inputs?

    For recording, you would leave the input switched to wherever the microphone is connected (local or dSnake), then the insert send and direct out from that input channel will both ‘contain’ the mic signal.
    You can then choose to send the insert send or direct out to USB in the ‘Setup > I/O Patch > USB Audio’ screen.
    The Qu USB output channels here are your computer input channels.

    You’ll be fine as long as you trace your signal carefully and note that all inputs are fed from an output (e.g. Mic XLR Out > Preamp XLR In, Input channel Direct Out > USB > Computer In, Computer Out > Input channel USB In).
    I’m sure some of the other guys here will also offer advice, but you can also contact us directly using if needed 🙂


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    Hi Keith, thanks for clarifying already a few things. What I mean by “Switch to normal’ is the following.

    In the screen where I can set USB B Streaming (and also select source “Local”,”dSnake” and “USB”), I have a view on all channels. They are set to “Local”. I did change channel 2 to “USB B” because I thought that was required to send the Mic channel 2 to the USB B output. If I understand correctly, I should leave this to be at “Local”, and because in the I/O Patch > USB Audio screen, I left 2 to be CH2, that should take care of routing the signal over the USB to my MAC, where I should set up an audio track in garageband, listing to port 2…..Correct? I will try this tonight and give feedback how that worked out.

    Thanks a lot

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    KeithJ A&H

    @stevengeertsqu16 – correct!

    This may also be useful –
    (the first screenshot shows an early firmware with ‘Output Patch’ instead of ‘I/O Patch’ but the text is correct).

    Let us know how you get on.

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    YES!!!!! that did it! Thank you very much.

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    This thread has already been super helpful as a user of a Qu-24 desk – I also thought you needed to direct the source from dSnake to USB B. But I guess that’s the source, not where it’s sent to.

    I wasn’t able to follow the last link sent by Keith, however, as it was “no longer available”. Is there a new page w similar information?
    I’m having trouble getting recordings through the Qu-24 to garage band on a Mac. I can record multiple tracks supposedly pulling from channel 2 and 10 on the Qu-24 (which I have a guitar and mic into), however, nothing is received from the computer.

    Let me know where I’ve gone wrong or if further info is needed to diagnose the problem.

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    KeithJ A&H


    Ah… our knowledgebase backend has been updated since that link was posted.

    That article can now be found here –


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