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    Official statement from a “product manager” from A&H as answer to a pre-sales ticket:

    “Right now the big request is USB windows support.
    There are no sub-groups in QU-16.
    Channel names inside the QU-16 is not high priority

    If you cannot work with the great QU-16 feature set as it is at the moment then I suggest you choose something else.”

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    Sure does not sound like the tone of a company person. More like one of us would say. 🙂

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    I purchased the qu-16 with the intent of using it with my windows PC with pro tools so I hope that it will be implemented.
    It is an awesome mixer even without this feature. If it could stream to and have some control of my DAW it would everything that I could possibly need.

    I think that it is an amazing product….

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    I recently managed to get hold of a Yamaha 01V96i for my little private studio. Such a great console! But I must say, I would have a hard time using it live on stage. First of all, it doesn’t replace the side rack, it has no graphic EQs, no analyzer and you can’t even assign the delay tap to the custom buttons. Plus, its user interface is outdated. I think you can’t use it that quickly in live situations as you should. Well, for “home use” it’s close to perfect.

    With the Qu16, you’re so much ahead of this for live performances. If only there was support for Windows.

    More radically, you could publish the specs of the USB protocol you’re using. This would enable Linux nerds to write a driver. For the 01V96i, there’s no driver yet, but at least some code that allows to raw dump audio streams from the console to hard disk, so it’s probably gonna be there soon.

    To emphasize this again: If there was Windows support, I’d really try to get my band into purchasing a Qu16. As it is now, we’re still waiting, watching out for alternatives.

    So if A&H isn’t a software company, why don’t you just pay a software company to write a Windows driver? And concerning Linux, making the specifications open is probably all you need to do.

    Another thing that bothers me is that there are no easy footswitch options in the Qu16 (there is a separate thread on this).

    But to not only blame you A&H guys: I’m going to use a ZED-10FX later tonight. I love it! 🙂

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    Qu-24 was coming and still no Windows-streaming.
    I’m verry disappointed about that fact.

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    Yes please! Would love to use streaming to PC. I love the Qu drive but I’m a bit worried about audio drop outs with just a 5400Rpm drive speed on most of the recommended hard drives.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi all,

    Some good news from our side: Windows drivers are now in development and looking promising thanks to some hard work in R&D.
    It’s early days to give a meaningful ETA but we will update on progress by the end of March.

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    That was the answer we were waiting for. I do understand it will take some time, but the announcement that you are working on it is for this moment enough for me.
    Thanks that you are listening to your customers and keep up the good work!

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    Woohoo thank you so much!

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    Thanks Nicola.

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    Dirk PHC

    Yes, I am working almost 20 years with Cakewalk and now Sonar X3, so I need USB streaming PC ! I trust that this will become available very soon. And that is why I decided to buy my QU16 couple of weeks ago.

    I love the sound, Qdrive, footprint !!!!

    Honestly I do not understand why PC support is not yet implemented. You are loosing business right now. Great review in SOS magazine, but also here commented that PC streaming is not supported.
    (I did have a Tascam dm3200, did support fully PC/MAC 5 years ago … on firewire…)

    A&H, let know (communicate/press release) when PC support will be implemented

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    Thumbs up!!! Thanks for listening and making this great mixer even more great 🙂 I already ordered one a few weeks ago assuming that Windows drivers will be added soon. Now I can switch from hoping mode to waiting mode 😉

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    Direct record to PC is a deal breaker for me and I had no idea before purchasing this mixer….

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    @Chasingangus – It does state quite clearly in all the specs and write up’s there are regarding the QU-16 that PC/Android is not supported, for the time being at least.

    Hopefully we won’t have long to wait.

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    Totally stoked that I see Windows streaming will be supported– that is really , really good news for a guy who does live and studio work.. makes it a really flexible useful product 🙂 THANK YOU !!

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