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    I think that the USB streaming to Windows is an absolutely necessary feature.
    Nowadays there is lots of users who uses windows on regularly basis for production environment. We’re not living at the time of windows95!

    In addition, we must consider that it is possible to achieve a good standard on a limited buget from Windows computer. For nearly the same machine MAC (“same” in term of performance in audio recording) the budget needed is much higher.
    A mixer in this price range is to be expected that is used by most Windows users rather than Mac!

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    With my band, I want to replace a PA12 and an entire side rack by the new Qu16. While the QuDrive seems to be really great for recording of live shows, we also want to replace a 16channel USB audio interface which is for studio use in our comfy rehearsal room. The Qu16 is not so easy to afford for us, so buying a Mac would be way too much. After all, if you don’t use software instruments, most elderly PCs do the job for a good mix.

    So we’ll wait with the decision – hoping that A&H will soon provide support for Windows for the Qu16.

    Otherwise we’d have to go for the new 01V96i or even the X32 – which would be a shame, given that I (the audio guy of the band) love that A&H sound so much.

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    I had returned my Qu-16 last saturday.
    I ask my local dealer if they can get an official statment from A&H if windows will be supported in future. But even them can’t get any answer.

    Weak support…

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    I may end up returning mine, too. Makes me sad: I love A&H gear, and this unit sounds very good in spite of it not supporting 24/96kHz. I think it is easier to use than the competitors, too.

    But it doesn’t seem like A&H are not exactly eager to pony up and say when some of the features that others already have will be implemented, or even if they will be. That makes me nervous. When Behringer is getting such good reviews, and has a more extensible base, along with current support for a lot of the features being requested here on the Qu-16, it gives me pause.

    C’mon, Mr. Allen, Mr. Heath…I’m pulling for you!

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    I’m thinking about returning mine too. Still one week time to do so. That would be really a mess because I like the unit and the company, but I can’t justify just waiting and hoping that they would implement streaming to windows somewhen. If they don’t I would be forced to sell the Qu-16 and buy another unit losing money. A switch to Apple doesn’t make any sense in my situation.

    It’s really a difficult decision… No commitment to any new features, not even a road map for already promised features. What to do?

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    As a new dealer it very much concerns me. I have asked through my network about many things with not much in the way of answers. I have a very few responses on this forum from anyone official and criticized from them because I mentioned a request on more than one thread.

    I am perplexed why there is such a lack of attention to questions if nothing more than offer SOME response. Not between the old forum and the new in all 4 forums over an almost 3 month period now have I seen a factory response to a request item. Maybe. But I can’t remember any.

    I have used forums for years. Probably since the inception of the concept. I know that as I, a lot of people use them not only after a purchase but as a decision factor in a future purchase. This could affect a lot sales. For A&H AND me!!

    George Cumbee
    Mid-America Communications A/V
    Paducah, KY. USA.

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    I read on the A&H homepage somewhere and I think that describes the situation: “We are not a software company”
    In order to stay in the game I think they need to learn from them. They would gain a lot from creating an eco-system around their products.

    The hardware platform seems great, but I don’t dare to buy one if there is no support and commitment to the product after the sale.

    I will buy a mixer before Christmas, but I still don’t know which one.

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    Well, a statement like that makes me more nervous about purchasing something like this, not less so. They develop hardware that can/should be integrated tightly with software, from the internal software all the way out to DAWs and iPad apps. I don’t see how they can afford not to invest in software development, and Windows should be one of their key environments.

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    I decided today to return my Qu-16 🙁 I’m very sad about this decision but I just can’t justify waiting for features like this, channel names and EQ bands you can actually see somehow, without any commitments from A&H.

    Very sad because this would have else been the perfect mixer for me 🙁 I will try to wait for the decisions of A&H concerning these features before I buy my new mixer. I know it’s a budget unit and that the price is really low for all the features it includes, but for me it is an investment I have to do carefully.

    I hope I’m a Qu-16 user soon again.

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    Great Mixer I would love PC connectivity and an Android Ap too I sold both my mac and Ipad really hate to have to go buy both again

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    Please introduce windows multitrack recording. I know the Qu- drive will do multitrack, but I’ve heard about a few teething problems.

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    USB b streaming to PC would make an already good desk that much better.
    I bought my QU in good faith that the A&H would make this function available in the future.

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    yes please, Windows support please
    and a editor for MAC/WIN/LINUX like the iLive one would be great as well

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    In the youtube interview at Musikmesse, the one in German, the A&H representative says that windows drivers will come later (in the last minute of the video). Otoh, other representatives give different information.

    <edit> Here is the link:

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    GuitarHero: you forgot this thread.. Why focus on the negatives? 🙂

    Official statement from an A&H “product manager” as answer to a pre-sales ticket:
    “Right now the big request is USB windows support.

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