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    Mike C

    Has anyone tried loading audio files into the USBREC folder in addition to audio files in the USBPLAY folder to in a work around kind way create two different play list by selecting either the playback or the record folder from the USB player menu?
    I would just try it myself but I’m no where near my QUPAc at the moment.
    Or for that matter is there a tricky way to create playlist, I know having a sub folder within the USBPLAY fold does not work.

    Mike C.

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    Dick Rees


    I find it simpler and more flexible to use AirPlay from my iPad via the Airport Express.

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    I have a portable mp3 player that I plug into the 1/8″ ST3 jack. That’s why it is there.

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    How can we put the pieces in a specific order in the usbplay mixer

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    another reason iTunes or other playback apps are most practical, at least for Dick and I.
    And being able to stream the music via Apple Airport Express wirelessly is wonderful.

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    Connecting a laptop via usb straight to the usb input on the Qu-SB also works. It defaults to inputs 27 + 28 IIRC, so inputs you wouldn’t be able to use without an external stagebox normally. I.e. you’re gaining 2 inputs.

    I leave the laptop at the stage and let it play Spotify continuously and simple raise or lower channel 27/28 faders at the appropriate time.


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    Using USB audio streaming for background music is only an option, if you do not wish to record. At least I get corrupted audio streams when trying this under Windows (probably some internal conflict between ASIO and WDM drivers).

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