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    Hi I’ll try and keep this brief but detailed.

    I’ve had my QU-16 for almost a year now but only recently bought a new laptop dedicated to recording (Dell i7, 16gb Ram etc) and hgave worked out all the ins/outs etc and got it working fine in Ableton.

    Recently for no apparenbt reason i noticed when I was playing back music from Ableton or youtube / spotify etc the sound quality was not great. Not crackling or super noticeable, but the dynamic range was definitely reduced and suddenly sounded like my Focal alpha50’s and Sennheiser HD6xx’s were low budget. I tested the same source direct from the headphone jack on the pc and the quality was much better and the way it should be, but out of the QU was not.

    I tried many things like making sure i had no effects on the ST1 Channel the usb audio is connected through, same with any gate or compressors etc, that’s all neutral. As far as I can tell (i’m still learning the advanced tools inside the QU though so perhaps missed something) it’s nothing i’ve set.

    I’ve reinstalled the QU Drivers, tried 3 different usb cables, messed with power settings in the lappy and its had no effect.

    I’m stumped.. help would be really appreciated!


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