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    Hi guys and girls. Please forgive me if this has already been asked but I have a question that I’m sure someone can help with rather than me waisting lots of time.

    I am wondering if I can connect a Mac book pro up to my QU-16 or QU-SB via USB, send the channels to Logic Pro DAW, apply plugins to the inputs coming into the DAW and then re rout this back out to the L+R front of house?

    I wondered if this is possible so I can use the plugins and FX I have already and if possible what sort of latency issues there may be?

    Thanks all


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    The Latency is way to high!
    The return trip [to and from your Mac Bk Pro or iMac for the dry signal seems like forever!
    Its like a delay especially in a live scenario.
    I don’t use Logic Pro DAW
    I do use Reaper with extensions.
    However I do and have used the reverbs and other effects returning from either a M Bk pro or iMac and mix those ITB [in the box] & return those via just 2 channels on a QU desk.
    And then you can go one step further and use some form of a controller for real time mixing of effects within your M Bk pro or whatever computer you might choose.
    Remember though you need to TURN OFF any dry signal within the mixer in your ITB before it returns through your 2 channels back into your QU.
    Hope this helps.

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    A & H talk about using USB for effects in their ZED range of mixers which are a 2 and 4 bus USB . Page 27 of this manual
    All of the other digital range of mixers send out up to 32 channels of USB all of the time [not adjustable]and so you would need to what the Zed range does within your MacBookPro
    Hope this helps

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