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    We have a PC connected to our Qu-16 via USB used for recording and streaming audio. I am using a USB extender for a total cable length of about 20 feet. It works some of the time, it does not work all the time. The computer will randomly kick out the Qu-16 causing the computer to freeze or at very least terminate the connection with the qu-16. The only way to reinstate the connection is to restart the Qu-16. (has to be Qu-16, a computer restart does not reinstate connection).

    I’ve tried various adapters, extenders, hubs, (powered, repeaters, non powered), all with different but similar crash result. The only solution was to keep the cable length at 16 ft (official USB length recommended), then it seems to work flawlessly. My problem is that our computer is in a rack behind the operator of the Qu-16 in an audio visual booth. I need at least 20 ft to reach around everything neatly (permanent install) otherwise the cable goes across the booth (not really an option).

    Has anybody had any success with any sort of USB extender in a situation like this? if so, what brand?

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    Sounds like you need to move the computer closer. USB has a recommended length for a reason, although I’d expect a good powered repeater to fix the transmission line issue..

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    Move the computer, redesign the room. Audio does not belong in a booth – you can’t hear what is out there in the listening room anyway. 🙂 I know, you have no choice. Get a MacBook Pro and set it next to the mixer!

    Best luck.

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    Haha, not going to redesign the room, audio is just one aspect of what the room does and that’s what we have the qu-16 for. Works great with the iPad. In the end, I just moved the computer closer to make it work.

    FYI for anyone else I found out this; Repeaters and extenders don’t actually replicate the USB data correctly for consistent transmission for all types of devices which is why they only work some of the time, although some do it better than others. And some devices are also less sensitive than others. Repeaters and extenders are really meant for simple devices such as keyboards, clickers, printers (sometimes), but may be more sensitive when dealing with high quality streaming/recording audio. Basically, you take your chance. Sometimes it will work with the gear and application you are using, sometimes not. The qu-16 is an instance where I didn’t have much success.

    I also contacted A&H support directly and they didn’t have much advice beyond this either.

    There was one website I found that recommends a $325 100m USB extender that will be guaranteed to work, but that’s a little much and a little more than I need.

    Thank for the tips Mervaka and Lou.

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    You mentioned “streaming audio”. What do you actually need back at the booth? A stereo mix? Multiple tracks? If you are recording, I think an external drive plugged into the Qu-Drive is the simplest solution. If you are indeed streaming, have you considered utilizing the AES output from the mixer?

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    It’s done, the simplest solution was to stay within the 16ft range. That solved everything.

    We record to a computer for the ease of naming files on the fly for certain events that require multiple recorded files. We use Qu-Drive as a backup.

    Would still love a file naming feature from A&H.

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