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    Lighthouse Church

    I am new to recording our worship on through the USB on our SQ7. My question is this….When I import the recorded audio files into my audio editing program, The Master LR track has the reverb I’ve set, but each individual track does not. How do I fix this in my board settings? I don’t want to have to recreate the same reverb in my audio editing software. I want the same exact reverb. Do I simply need to set the reverb to pre instead of post? I’ve read that effects should only be done post. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    Send the FX returns to a pair of USB outputs.
    The FX doesn’t exist in the input channels (apart from inserts but I wouldn’t do that for reverb!), only after the fx unit so in their returns or any mixes the returns are sent to such as LR.

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    Check out this Allen & Heath article for more information about what is available on the USB recording options:

    If I understand that page correctly, USB mulitrack defaults to “tie-lines” as the sends. This means it each channel is sent to the USB directly after the preamp and before any channel processing. This is normally how you want to set it up because you generally want a clean track to playback and process at a later time. However it sounds like you can change this to “direct out” and select the pick point in the processing chain.

    I’m a little unsure why you want to record the processed individual channels however. You say it is because you don’t want to process them in the future, but unless you use the LR mix recording, you are going to have to mix the individual channels anyway, so why wouldn’t you want a clean recording to process and mix? Recording a processed channel and trying to remix it means that you will have to clear out all your normal channel processing when you mix it down again. This is just an unnecessary and complicated step that isn’t needed if you record a clean channel via the tie lines.

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    I re-read you post and realized you want to use a DAW to mix down your recorded channels vs sending it back through the mixer to handle. I can understand why you might want a processed channel in that case, although I would argue that it would still be better to take a clean recording and handle any processing in the DAW. Odds are you will have access to better FXs and processing in the DAW anyway, so why be limited to or have to fix what is recorded?

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    Lighthouse Church

    My reasoning is because we are a church that has just started a few months ago. We don’t have quite the setup for total remixing after recording (i.e. decent mixing software). Right now I only need to readjust a few balance issues and clean some things up. I’m having to use Audacity and their reverb is not good. That is why I asked what I did 🙂 Thanks for you help!

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    I used audacity and the reverb to tweak a recording for our MD.
    The reverb is okay but it *is* hard to use the way they let you control it.

    Consider mixing first then adding the reverb via the Qu.

    Cakewalk by Bandlab is excellent and is the old Sonar updated without the cost.
    I had bought Sonar back when, but now need to dl Cakewalk to get up to date when I would need the DAW.

    audacity is good for fast editing
    Sonar is a full function DAW that IMHO is better than PT which is good but way overrated.

    Google for more than this first list but
    here is one top ten type list

    Cakewalk by Bandlab
    Tracktion Waveform Free
    Studio One Prime V4
    Roland Zenbeats
    Apple GarageBand

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