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    I started a recording with my c1500 and a USB flash drive.

    It said recording and I didn’t see any errors. After ~2hrs I stopped it and shutdown the console etc.

    The usb drive didn’t the ~3.5GB file that was supposed to be on there instead there was 2.7MB file.

    After trying multiple recovery programs I found Disk Drill which found the entire file.

    Upon playing the file there is only static and clicks.

    Anyone else had success recovering files?
    Are there logs on the C1500 that might be useful?

    I didn’t even know we were supposed to record.
    But the client really wants the file.
    Last-minute request.
    I wasn’t able to test the USB drive as the c1500 just arrived in the mail.

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    I’m not sure why A&H even have a USB record/playback system in their console. It’s completely useless.
    Save yourself some anguish and don’t use it.

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    Last Sunday I had a show that the musicians really wanted to have recorded. But they didn’t want to pay for the single-track recording, I said:
    “well, then give me a USB stick and I’ll record a simple stereo track from the mixer sum.”

    Said, done: the musicians gave me a stick, which I formatted on the console. (of course, I had previously pointed out that I had to format).
    Then I recorded the whole show.

    Today I got an email with one of the songs.
    You could hear that parts of the song were missing again and again. As if they had been cut out in between.
    Unfortunately the recordings are useless.

    Could it be that the USB stick allows too slow a processing of the data and therefore not everything landed on the stick? That’s how I explain this phenomenon.
    If this is the case, it would be a great help if the console could point out such problems.

    OK, the service was free. But it’s still annoying.

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    You could hear that parts of the song were missing again and again. As if they had been cut out in between.

    Had the exact same thing happen the one time I tried USB-recording. Could very well be the stick was too slow, but I would’ve thought most any new ones were able to record a stereo track…No buffer on the dLive?

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    Like I say

    The whole thing needs to be either eliminated (I’d rather have 2 “Data” USB ports anyway) or SERIOUSLY re-vamped. I can’t believe the designers let it leave the shop that way….

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    Have to be honest I have used the feature loads and it does work, true it is picky on the type of USB stick one uses (there is a recommended list on the A&H website), there is also a time/ size of file limitation on the recording, can’t remember exactly but I think it is about 2 hours. I have also noticed that over time the previous recordings made on a USB drive seems to deterioriate, only cure seems to be to format the drive and start again, the best success I have had is using an SSD drive again formatted to the console, the particular device I use happens to be a Western Digital but I am sure others will work just as well.
    I have also used the Maxtor USB 3 hard drives these seem pretty good but not as rugged as an SSD obviously.
    Finally if the recording is critical I would want to use an external recording device and more than one as I don’t trust any form of recording media alone.

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