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    It’s a real shame that the Avantis doesn’t support USB multitracking like the SQ / QU desks do. I own both and it’s a feature I use all the time, and is the primary reason I’m relucant to upgrade. I know I can buy a Waves card but it’s a lot extra for a feature that is already built in ‘lower’ specification desks.

    Is this a hardware limitation or is it something that could potentially be opened up in future firmware releases?

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    second that!

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    Seconded a second time. We installed our Avantis at the same time as an SQ6 and I was shocked (and disappointed) to learn that we could only do 2 channel USB on the Avantis. Definitely need multi-track USB!

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    I want to indirectly third this but add that I do realize that basically no pro-level console (Avantis and above, DiGiCo or Yamaha QL/CL and above) offers native USB. I do like that DiGiCo at least offers a UB-MADI card for the S21/S31 and think that something similar might be useful here. Of course in most scenarios it’ll be Dante or Waves SoundGrid, but at least having the option for a 48 channel UB-MADI (or equivalent card using the SQ USB processing) can be useful in situations where a user might not want to set up a full network to support Dante/WSG.

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    Coming from the S21 I agree that it’s disappointing that Avantis doesn’t offer it over USB.
    We just had a demo of the Avantis yesterday and I asked them about it. (Distributor, not A&H directly).
    They suggested that it’s probably impossible to add as a firmware update as it would likely require extra hardware, driving the price of the product up. Same goes for allowing multitrack playback from the internal harddrive. I’m not sure if it’s true, of course, but it seems plausible. So don’t get your hopes up.
    It’s likely that we’ll just be dependent on Dante for multitracking.
    UB-MADI is definitely easier to set up, but it has its limitations. It perhaps couldn’t handle 64 channels at 96k…

    That said, the Avantis offers so many advantages over the S21 that although disappointed about this omission, we’ll definitely let it slide as we’d be getting a Dante card anyway.

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    (whoops … didn’t realize I had already replied to this topic before @mods can remove this if desired.)

    I’ll add my “me too” to this thread. An add-on card is fine to ad UB-MADI like, or if desired, they could swing a bit higher and go with Thunderbolt/USB3 to get the full 64@24/96. I do expect this to be a lower priority item, but it could be useful in some situations.

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    This feature is so huge in the SQ/Qu Range. Really sad it’s not implemented, like they did with the SLink Port, which is brilliant.
    At least a Recording of 4 or 6 Channel directly to USB or local would help. When Im Doing a Quick „live recording“ as FOH I just Need Main LR + Ambience Mics. To buy a Dante card + Mac Just for Recording that is annoying.

    Cheers, Alex

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    Any news on That Topic? Wouldnt ne That hard to implement in a future update

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    New Avantis user here. Very happy with the console and features, sonics, etc… but really really missing the USB Multitrack function.
    Please consider adding this in next firmware update, much needed addition.
    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hello !
    I’m thinking of upgrading my SQ6 to Avantis Solo but I use multitrack recording a lot (often usb b, sometimes sq drive for small setups…) I also have an SQ waves card but buy the Avantis card to only record multitrack (for my use, with the D-pack I wouldn’t need to use a Waves system anymore…). The function/cost ratio increases significantly.

    Is there a hardware limitation?
    If not, can we hope that one day the function will be added by an evolution of the firmware?
    Can we had an adapatator for SQ Waves card like M-DL-ADAPT ?


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