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    So I had the strangest thing happen to me this morning. I plugged in the USB drive that I have been using for the past year into the GLD. When I did that, two channels on the main screen meters said they had full signal. I though this was weird, so I checked the actual channels on the board. They didn’t show any input at all. Then DCA lights turned on and many channels on the board reported that they were muted, but the band on the stage was still playing and the sound was still passing through the board (fortunately this was only rehearsal). Then the yellow triangle appeared to let me know of an error in the logs, so I clicked that. The board was throwing hundreds of errors as they were just scrolling through as they came in, faster than I could read them. In a panic, I turned off the board and turned it back on by flipping the switch on the back. After it came back up, everything was fine. I went to check the error logs and they were all gone. They only had logs from the current startup. All this happened after I plugged in the flash drive.

    Since the board booted up, I restarted a few times and inserted the flash drive a few times. Everything seems to be fine. Just the strangest thing ever… I wonder if this is a known issue to A&H, or if anyone has seen anything remotely similar to this.


    Hi @tylermartin86,

    Sorry to hear about this.

    Please could you send the log files to so I can take a look for you.


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    Hy Martin, same thing here .
    after the reboot, did the GLD load a clear scene or did it load the scene you were working on ?
    here it was a clear scene.
    same thing here, lots of ‘usb’ error messages .

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    Yes, the issue had hundreds of USB errors that just kept scrolling. That’s when the console became very slow and then completely unresponsive. I don’t remember if it was a blank scene on reboot, but it is possible. If you still see USB errors in the Diagnostics page, please get those over to A&H as they didn’t see anything in my logs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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