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    I’m Running 2x QU32 in a studio scenario into 2 X Imacs.
    Interconnect is with USB B streaming.
    Control is by ethernet
    My question is: to USE ferrite beads on USB cables or NOT?
    I have had some issues … like weird distortion on a couple of channels min the middle of the 28 channels im streaming to just on the one QU 32 after the likes of 30 mins the 2 channels turned to distortion.
    Another case where another channel would have the same audio ? NOT next to a related channel.
    I have fixed this by restarting an iMac until that issue came back.
    So I swapped out that USB cable with the ferrite beads which are just a clamp on at each end… with a plain USB cable
    and since then no issues. hmm.
    The other setup I had just cross talk to a channel NOT next to the related channels.
    This is NOT a routing issue as I know my routing very well!
    None of us have a lot of time to experiment with / with out the use of ferrite beads.
    Interestingly both my studio setups had similair issues’. One setup more than the other.
    USB leads are USA made… good quality.
    I use Reaper software. 😐
    One iMac has Lion and the other Elcapitan.

    and I have looked at many Dr Google links

    What is the A and H policy for [Ferrite Bead] using USB streaming QU to computer?

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    Non A&H…

    I would be very surprised if a ferrite could selectively affect certain channeld

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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