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    Well Hummmmmm, we hooked it up with a USB to firewire cable and the digital seems to transfer just fine. Each song is separated by number and the tracks stay synced together. I’m very happy. I just wish more audio companies would be this responsible to make their different units compatible.

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    USB to firewire cable

    Is this a special cable?
    USB and firewire do not handshake?
    Does the ICE have the ability to stream OR convert? USB to Firewire?
    I did some recording in the few years with ICE but I used the wrong flash drive (at that time)
    I was lucky to also stream to Reaper from my GSR24m (firewire) at the same time so had a back up
    I’m curious now… 🙂

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    USB to firewire cable? That “cable” has to expose two host ports, implementing host side for audio streaming from the Qu, resample to match samplingrate given from the ICE, convert to firewire host protocol and finally record through the ICE on the USB stick plugged into the ICE?
    Sorry, still have my doubts…

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    I was told the ICE is not a crossover unit?
    I had a quick look at the block diagram
    Surely it wouldnt be able to do what I am thinking and that is USB in and firewire out?
    I must be on the wrong track here

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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