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    I’m still having issues with levels and I want to make sure that I’m doing something wrong. I previously reported that I was having issues with kick mics slightly distorting the channels unless I used the pad button, even though my peaks were just hitting 0db. now that I’m listening back to USB recorded toms I’m hearing the same thing. everything has a slightly distorted low end. I also just hooked up a couple mics to direct mic the hihat and ride cymbal, and those are plugged into channels 1 and 2 and patched into the USB otherwise they don’t record at all. while viewing the channel EQ I’m also setting the channel gain by looking at the right side of the eq and I’m at or under 0db, but when viewing the USB levels I’m right at clipping. I guess I don’t understand where I should be looking at levels while setting the channel gain.

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    To record to USB, you do need to ensure you have the channels you want to record patched to the USB output sockets in the I/O screen first.
    Then, with the levels, it depends what you have patched and from where.
    You can for example, use tie lines to send signal directly from any input socket straight to USB, unaffected by any processing or level changes.
    You could also patch direct outputs from input processing channels, then decide whether or not you want these outputs to respect levels or mute states, where in the signal path they come from and with an output trim control.

    The meter in the preamp screen right next to the gain control is the input meter which will tell you if you’re overloading the preamp.
    I’d recommend checking ALL meters throughout the channel though. If ANY of these are peaking then you could be introducting unwanted distortion.

    The following article explains some of the levels and metering used in the SQ –
    Then be sure you are patching to USB correctly –,-361,573
    And if you are recording using direct outputs, that there is nothing in the settings there that might be causing an issue –,-361,573


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    I’m going to be recording a band tonight, so I’m gonna go through the settings again to make sure I’m not clipping somewhere.

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    Found it. I was viewing the meter along side of the eq thinking that I was getting the whole picture. Really, I was pushing the channel front end hard and didn’t see it with the EQ and compression I was using. I went back to each channel and set the input gain while looking at the input screen instead of the EQ screen and it became clear. thanks

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