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    I want to use a QU16 to provide PA for a company event whilst also sending it to a Cisco WebEx event via a USB connection to a Windows PC. I would also like to be able to play back music from the PC on the QU16 via USB. One slight problem is that the Cisco WebEx interface only allows me to use the nominal LR channel from the QU16, not an arbitrary channel.

    Currently, I am planning on using one of the stereo mix channels (5&6) to drive the WebEx. Front of house is on the usual LR. Therefore, under the “I/O Patch Setup – USB Audio screen” I have assigned Mix 5 to Channel 1 and Mix 6 to Channel 2. Thus Mix 5/6 goes out on Channel 1 and 2 which the PC assumes is LR input. This works – by bringing up Audacity, I can see that Mix 5/6 is controlling the LR input.

    My question is how do I map the playback from the PC to a different channel on the desk? Ideally I would like to sound from the mixer to end up on ST1 via USB.

    Or is there a different way altogether that I should be setting this up?



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