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    I set up my sq6 to multitrack on usb b.
    Everything was good showing all channels were going to my DAW.
    As there was a support act , I saved the scene for the main act, then proceeded to sound check the support act.
    I saved the scene for the support act.
    Showtime….. the support act finished playing so I muted all channels and recalled the scene for the main act. Immediately I heard a clicking sound, looking at the channels on the desk I noticed the dedicated USB channel was the culprit. I muted it , so it didn’t come out of the PA, and carried on with the gig. . The gig went great, the multitrack recording to my DAW, was good.
    PS. There was no usb stick in the usb socket on the to of the desk.
    At the end of the gig, the clicking was still happening in the USB channel.
    Any ideas why this happened.
    I won’t get to the desk till tomorrow, so I don’t know if the clicking will still be on the usb channel when I turn it back on.

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    Hi davfo,
    what you mean with “USB channel”? Is it Channel 47/48? Or a “USB-Input-Socket”? If it is Channel 47/48, then you could first check the input patching to get the “real” source of the clicking… On consideration: If you recorded to DAW, was click there enabled? Then it might somehow got into playback…

    Best Regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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