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    I have an issue with trying to get 2-way USB B Streamign working – I tried to set up the USB Link to a Win10Pro Laptop. The ultimate application will be to use a QU16 as the audio console for joining a BlueJeans conference call via a laptop, so I just need to get a mix from the desk into the PC as a ‘microphone’ (as far as Windows is concerned) and get the audio out from the PC back in to the desk – all ideally via USB.

    The latter I can do fine – I downloaded and installed the Qu Windows Driver and the stereo output channels appeared as ‘playback devices’ in Windows. Send something to those, route the correct channels to be from USB as above and all was great.

    I’ll be damned if I could get anything back from the desk to the PC though. Windows showed ‘Qu Line in’ (or similar) as a single option under ‘recording devices’ – where all of the other ‘microphones’ show up. I used the I/O PATCH-USB Audio page (which gives me 32 routabele channels on USB) and whilst I didn’t try all of them, I tried routing an active input channel to USB Channels 1/2, 17/18 and 31/32 and nothing showed up the Windows audio panel.

    What am I missing?



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    I always blame win10 and look at all the hidden settings first. Win is not really audio friendly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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