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    Hello, We have just installed the QU32 board and i have connected it to our audio pc for recording but I cannot seem to find a way to raise my output level to my pc unless I do it through the fader or gain on the single channel I am trying to record. Am I missing something? Any help would be good.

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    sorry for starting harsh, this was discussed several times here..
    The Qu is operating at -18dBFS. If the meters on the Qu show 0dB you’re recording around -18dB in your DAW. This is normal and intended to have enough headroom for unexpected peaks which otherwise would clip.
    Gain has to be recoverd during mixing within the DAW.

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    Thats what I had figured. I found that the return has a level control from the pc on the channel.I had just fired up this board last saturday for the first time and have been wiring the system including all my me’s and other devices so I haven’t got to look at all the other forum items just as of yet. We are using a basic recording software for recording on our DAW as of now. I had already thought of that as well but could not find an input level there yet. Thanks for the confirmation info though.

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    I am a volunteer with no specific training. I’m trying not to ask a question that apparently has been answered mutliple times. Can you define what DAW is in “Gain has to be recoverd during mixing within the DAW.”?

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    Digital Audio Workstation.

    A program on your computer/tablet, specifically for recording and mixing multitrack audio and midi.

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