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    So this is my pre in depth trouble shooting post to gather some info before I dive into this.

    I have had several multi tracks have a jittering issue where I literally just lose audio and the recording jumps, sounds just like a record skipping. So far I THINK it has only happened on Apple Laptops with SSDs on both tracks live and logic, multitrack has worked fine on PC so far.


    -I’ve ruled out individual hard drive and CPU issues given this has happened on multiple drives with no CPU load issues.
    -Possibly the drivers for Apple, since it works for the PC (so far maybe it’s just luck), the SQs ability to send the audio is working just fine.
    -If the issue persists with testing on PC then it could be the conversion from 96k to 48k since on the USB settings I’ve had that chosen to save precious hard drive space.

    Tangent time

    So any thoughts from anybody would be appreciated. Yes my SQ is up to date, no I haven’t used a different USB cable that’s the first thing I’m going to change tomorrow. Overall though I’m just extremely disappointed in the SQ recording reliability, I’ve done literally thousands of recording on an M32 with virtually no issues and not having to choose between a multitrack and a board recording. Basically if you ever are going to Multitrack, the SQ drive is virtually useless for recording because (if you are like me and my venue and record the board mix of every single show) now when I multitrack I have to swap my method of 2track and at that point it’s just always worth sticking to that second method of 2track to maintain consistency in sound, distribution, and workflow, making the SQ drive a virtually dead feature.

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