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    Right now, it is difficult or impossible to clear or zero some individual controls. For example, modify one band of the PEQ, then try to return it to 0.0db gain. I can get either -0.3db or +0.1db…which admittedly are close enough, but some of us are more anal than others.

    Anyway, I would love to see some facility for easily zeroing or resetting controls, such as a double-tap on either the QuPad app or on the touchscreen.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, (in GEQ) but just tap the selection button to “zero” on the console (as said in the manual page 20). In the app there is a reset button. So please Read The Fine Material.

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    Ermep01, are you employed by A&H? If so, you may have just decided for me whether I send this unit back or not, because that came across as quite rude.

    As I said, I am talking about the Parametric EQ and other parameters that currently do not have a zero/clear capability on individual parameters. To use your own words, please “read the fine material” in my original post.

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    From what I see, you can only reset the PEQ in the app and not on the desk, so a way of resetting each band on the desk would be both useful and time saving….either link parameters to reset button or press and hold the touchscreen to return to default?

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    I had the same issue the other day in the PEQ. I couldn’t get it back to 0.0db gain. It would always tick just a little more or less than 0.0.

    I played around with it for a while and found that if I turned the gain all the way up or down then back to 0 I was able to get it to land right on 0.0.

    I agree though, either tap/hold the button on the touchscreen to clear to 0 maybe or use .1 increments while turning when close to zero.

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    Did any of you guys ever work on analog consoles? My word. 🙂

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    I’m not sure I like the idea of a double tap action, especially to do something destructive. I’d just prefer that the knob go through 0dB. There’s a button sequence to reset all the PEQ parameters etc

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    “Did any of you guys ever work on analog consoles? My word.”

    Yes, I have…including some that have a very reassuring center detent in the controls that lets you know without even looking that it’s zeroed. 😉

    Again, I’m interested personally in being able to zero a band of the PEQ, not just the whole set. As you can on the GEQ. I know one uses a hardware button and one would have to use software. Particularly if a double tap or tap and hold for this were limited to the gain control on one band, it is hard for me to see how destructive it would be as long as frequency and Q were maintained.

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