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    I am considering upgrading to Avantis from a GLD112 Chrome Edition mixer. The GLD series uses D-Link for connecting to stage boxes and the Avantis uses S-Link. Is S-Link backwards compatible with D-Link or will I have to purchase all new stage boxes as well? Also I have a Dante Card in the GLD, does the Avantis use the same card or has that changed? Is the Avantis line the line that replace the GLD series and if not what is the new line that most closely matches the GLD series?

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    Hey Devin,

    These are Question, wich should be answered by you local vendor in best case. To summerize:
    The Avantis ist quite a bit better than the GLD. The Avantis is set inbetween the SQ and the D-Live Series. But you will have nearly all Features of the D-Live when it comes to mixing. The Avantis ist just limitet to 64chan (GLD 44), and The Processor is in the Mixing Desk (D-Live in the Stagebox).
    The SQ has nearly all the Features the GLD had, with a bit different Layout of the interface and its kind of fixed by the numbers of Matrixes, AUxes, etc. But there are still plenty of theme.

    Now the tecnigal stuff: You can use your old AR2412 and so on. But It will work in 48khz and the delay is a bit longer (something aroun 1.4 to 1.8 ms) like the good old GLD Times. My Ear says it even sounds the same.
    You could use your Dante Card, but you’ll need an adapter. And same Issue here: 48khz only.

    If you stick to the old hardware you’ll miss one of the big advantages (next to the new user interface and the capability of triggering dynamics) of the new CPU-Core of the avantis. So consider to invest this two parts. There is a cheaper 64 Chn Dante Card (cheaper than the 128chn, wich makes no sense cause the avantis can only handle 64chn. You could link some channels thruw the card, third party to third party…. barely unnecessary feature) And the gl4824 Is working well and has a good price/performance ratio. Also you get a bit of more precision and sparkling into the sound. My opinion: Its worth the investment.

    Your not able to mix the GL Stagebox und and link to a second old stagebox.

    You could buy a D-Live Card ( Giga-Ace ) and connect the GX-Stage box on that, so you could connect the old Boxes with the S-Link Connector.

    I Think, If you just need to replace the GLD (maybe tecnical defect) but you don’t need the big features (big screens, lots ob buttons, flexibility of asigning matrixes and other buses) you might consider the SQ Series, wich ist quit a good mixer in a lot of way’s, but has just less potties and a smaller screen. (Maybe also not that interesting for complex theater with a lot of scenes….. )

    I have tested the avantis for 2 weeks. My vendor answered all questions and gave me the avantis for testing purpose for free. I would suggest you try to find out, if it’s the right mixer is for you, the same way.

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    Thanks so much for the thorough response. I will see if I think it makes sense to upgrade or just stick where I am. Again thanks for your help.

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