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    There must be an easy way to do this, but I’m struggling to find it. Essentially I have a base scene which is the main configuration of the mixer, then I have a number of scenes which simplify the presented surface for operators in our church who don’t need, and would be confused by, access to everything. For example, one only presents speech microphone channels, and hides everything for the musicians. or they may turn on and off certain matrix outputs etc.

    So now I want to change the base configuration. Perhaps move one of the mics to a different input socket, or maybe change the default compressor setting on some channels. Whatever. Is there an easy way to propagate this into all the subsidiary scenes without either making the change in each scene individually and re-saving, or taking the modified base scene and re-applying the removal of redundant stuff.

    Can I do something clever with scene safes and filters?

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi MikeShand,

    I would use the Recall Filters in your operator scenes to block everything but the Strip Assigns, these would then effectively only recall a different fader layout without affecting the parameters you changed in the base scene.

    Conversely you can set the Recall Filter in your base scene to block the Strip Assigns so that recalling this scene would affect processing, routing etc. but not the current operator fader layout.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Nicola. That seems to work very well. I can also include fader levels and mutes to set different defaults for matrices etc.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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