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    It has been quite a while since I’ve looked at these forums. I’ve got an iLive T112 and iDR48 setup that is currently stuck at Firmware version 1.83. Allen and Heath tech support looked at log files and has confirmed that the reason I’m getting failures is a hardware fault in my iDR48 that was a known issue in a small number of them. I’ve tried to get this sorted out here in the US but as of yet I’m not two years on and still haven’t been able to get it taken care of. The best solution I was offered was to ship my entire iDR48 cross country to have the work done. This console is part of my rental stock and is out on gigs most of the time. I can never get an answer as so how long it will be out of service to get this work done.

    Who else has had to deal with this issue? There has to be a local or more expedited way to get this sorted out. I’d really like to get my iLive up to the current firmware as I’m also looking at purchasing an additional surface and iDR in the near future and I need everything to match on firmware so that I can use these on a digital split for monitors.



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    Mark Oakley

    Do you know anywhere you can rent an IDR while yours is in the shop? Most production companies are a little slow at this time of the year.


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    When my iDR48 had a problem (acknowledged manufacturing fault) my dealer swapped it out for another during the repair time as the loss was going to directly effect my business. Maybe something to pursue with your dealer?

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