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    I want to pick everyone’s brain here;

    I fired up my console for the first time in 2 months getting a head start on making show files, when I turned it on for the first time, I got a message stating “failed to connect left motor faders,” the console wouldn’t even boot past this screen, the odd thing is though, none of the buttons or faders had signs of life (no lights, no response to my inputs) I only had touch control, I cycle the console again and same message, I cycle it once more and everything boots just fine – But, minutes later all buttons and faders stop working and the console freezes. I cycle once more and everything works thing, I leave the console on for a good 6 hours to do my work and everythings fine.

    Once finished, I cycle the console again and everything’s fine.

    Does anyone know what might be going on, it’s concerning as next month the console will need to be in constant use? I know that these consoles are known to have issues with the faders, but mine appears to be working just fine (ignoring the above – no issues with motors – nothing)

    If it helps on my event log, I have multiple “Console – Internal Error” & “Touchscreen – Avantis Hardware Failure.”

    I am running current firmware, I do not have Dpack

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    Not an answer but, I am encountering similar bugs in our console, with the same message in the event logs, today the console was highlighting multiple faders that weren’t at that time being touched. Then when shutting down the console the screens stayed showing the “&” symbol and didn’t progress to the “it is now safe to power down the console”. After ~ 30mins I powered it down.

    Firmware version: 1.30

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    I initially got the “failed to connect left motor fader” error when I replaced my fader board and didn’t solder the bank selection pad as needed. It doesn’t sound like you have swapped out any of your fader board, but you might still want to open the bottom of the console to visually inspect this solder pad on the left fader board. It might be a poor solder connection that just needs to be resoldered.

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    Thankfully it’s been fine since, but I will consider that if it happens again!

    It doesn’t explain why my console completely froze on cycle 3, I’m hoping A&H see this thread a try and reproduce their end.

    I am wondering if prolonged down time may cause dry solder joints, I have had something similar in amps, I’m no electrical expert so I’m just speculating – I hope not, as I’m not covered by any warranty

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