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    I am having issues syncing the madi signal coming into the iDr-48 rack from my madi recorder. Every other channel sounds like garbage and I can’t get a clean healthy signal.
    The current setup is iLive T112 connected over ace to iDr-48 then I have the madi card in slot B. The madi recorder is a sounddevice 970.
    I have tried changing all the sync references from both idr in from the sound device and from madi with no change. I also tried changing the clock source on the ilive and didn’t change. I tried another sounddevice and a different mixer. The card works perfectly as I have the different mixer plugged into it. I did try to unplug the mixer to see if that was an issue.
    Anyone have any specs on the madi card or ideas why it wouldn’t be working

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    Could it be recorders problem? Usually MADI either works or not.

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    What does the madi health in the mixer preferences under Port A/B tab show?? is the madi clean out of console (healthy link and stream lock) ?


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    @ddff_lv that’s what I am thinking. I haven’t tried it with another ilive but it could be the recorder. I have a secondary monitor console connected and works perfectly. I tried even plugging the recorder into that console by itself and didn’t get anything. I think you are right it’s the recorder.

    @rays no it has streamlock but the healthy link has a red x
    Then there is an error count of a high number. I have checked all of the settings of the console and the sync settings of madi recorder and it won’t sync correctly no matter the combination of where I pull the sync from

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